About Me

With so many well established travel blogs, I’m pretty sure no random person is going to find themselves on the ‘About me’ page of my blog. If you do, you’re clearly (kind) friends and family – in which case you already know about me. 


But to the 3 random people who have found themselves here today, firstly – you’ve had too much of internet. Secondly, let me tell you a bit about myself. 


I’m currently a 25 year old aspiring entrepreneur trying to make sense of my current situation. I graduated from BITS Pilani University in India, as an engineer (surprise!) and worked at J.P. Morgan, a financial firm, for about 2 years. But always wanting to start something of my own, I left my job in 2017 to pursue my startup. About 18 months into this startup journey, I still haven’t got the hang of it. Hence, I flinch to call myself an entrepreneur – yet. But even with all this, the one thing that has remained constant for me has been my love for travel. As cliché as it sounds, I like to get lost in the streets of an unknown place and soak in the soul of a new place every now and then. 


You know how they say, people go on a Eurotrip once and fuel their Instagram feed from the photos for the next 5 years? They’re right. I’m guilty of that. But well, you’re more than welcome to sponsor a new trip for me. I’ll put new photos, I promise. Anyway, this blog does not aim to list down the top ‘13 things to do in Prague’ or the ’17 things you should definitely experience in your meaningless life’. No. There are way too many revered blogs, listicles, articles, books and shows that talk about it all. I’m no Anthony Bourdain. But, I simply wish to share my experiences and my take on travel. Why would you be interested in such a thing – I don’t know. But since you’re here anyway, I suggest you go through my 2 cents. 


Welcome to the blog. I hope you have a good time.



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